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Save the date! Real World Exhibition

Letters From a Strange Year, 26th - 29th April

Letters From a Strange Year will have its inaugural exhibition at Vout Vintage on Columbia Road from the 26th - 29th April.

The project explores the conversations between myself and fellow artist Sarah Needham during the pandemic and how they impacted on our work and how these conversations continue to be an area of exploration. Below shows a selection of some of the works that you will be able to view at the exhibition

The exhibition was due to take place in January but moved online with a successful E-salon and the publication a book entitled Letters From a Strange Year that can also be purchased.

This Inaugural exhibition will also include a curated selection of letters that have been submitted from members of the general public.

Pavan below is one of the paintings that I will be showing at the exhibition. The exhibition marks the first time that I have shown works on paper,and where works on paper make up the vast majority of works in the show.

It has been a long time since I have shown work in the real world and the project has been a real tonic to the harshness and dislocation of lockdown.

I would like to invite you to attend the exhibition. To have a glass of wine and enjoy looking at art in a real world experience and to hear more about our work and the Letters From a Strange Year project. Please do send me an email if you would like to come down and we can book an appointment for you to view the work.

Red Brute below is one of my most recent pieces and is continuation of the Boundaries series. These works explore the notion of Boundaries and the idea of both separation and segregation which is a common experience for all of us during the pandemic. Red Brute explores this through a simple but brutal and corporeal colour palette.

The exhibition will comply with all Covid secure guidelines.

Looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!


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