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Painting in Cyprus; works on paper

Painting away from the studio allows for a different sense of place to be explored.

This brings an opportunity to look anew allowing you to see a different colour palette.

These colours permeate and pique your interest. They raise questions that can then be explored and articulated through paint.

There is a notion that abstract expressionism is formed through gestural, physical interventions and that these actions, and the act of painting is singular and process based. However, this process is also one that is subjective in nature. It is specific to a time, place, experience(s) and the interplay between material and aesthetics.

This pause and physical distance has spawned four new pieces of work in a series entitled Kypros. The image below is of Oniro. The name means dream in Greek.

The piece was conceived in the heat of a studio over looking the warm waters of the Mediterranean and with the mountains above.

The piece was then revisited in London where a more objective view was taken. This stage of the painting could be termed as the objective stage. Time had allowed for space and small adjustments were made that 'felt' right. Judgements that were governed by a more rigorous eye subscribing to a different agenda.

Another piece was Ttakkas as shown below. This piece is still as yet unfinished. I'm pausing to then look with the objective gaze, to make a judgement as to what next, and to pose the question; is it finished?

Time away, physical distance, can allow for space in your work to grow unhindered. Back in London now I look forward to the Kypros series growing, exploring the possibilities and the questions raised through my brief time in Cyprus.

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