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Working on paper

I've recently started to explore paper.

Work on paper No 6

I have been thinking for some time about extending my practice into paper but was unsure if my method of painting would translate. I was lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing paper shop called Shepherds and their incredible array of paper, where I brought some very thick cotton paper - 640 gsm.

I have at this point produced somewhere in the region of 10 new works in a relatively short time scale, working across a number of pieces at once. The material quality of the paper lends itself to my work, the paper is robust enough so that in can be brutalised, stripped back and worn away, yet take colour in a beautifully fragile manner. My work now poses more questions; where can this go? When, as with my work on wood, is it finished? When does the physical act of painting that leads to such engaged flow supersede aesthetics of balance and compositional considerations?

Work on paper No 4

I am excited....I have lots of questions now that I can start exploring; a reduced palette, more immediate work, more expanses of paper...and in our current state of lockdown time to do this! I'm currently reflecting on the work produced so far with the view of developing 'rules' for a new series. I'm also in the early stages of exploring mixed media; graphite on paper...the opportunities seem to be endless.

All of my most recent works on paper, all of which are on my website and available if they catch your eye.

Work on paper No 3

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