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Marques Almeida collaboration

I recently collaborated with fashion designers Marques Almeida on their Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. The collaboration came about via Instagram. Instagram remains one of the most useful platforms for interactions and allows for interactions across a number of disciplines. They first reached out and were very complimentary about how my paintings and the process in which they were painted. A studio visit came soon after and a discussion around the layering of the paints and the references to time and physical presence, we discussed points of commonality and particularly around the notion of inclusion.

Both Paulo and Marta are keen to use their brand as one which promotes an inclusive vision of fashion as can be seen with their MA boys and girls, people who wear their brand are invited to celebrate: ‘‘The most important facet of M’A is the conversation, the representation and the links with its community of young inspiring people and this collection is another way to celebrate their many different references and looks and a means to the ultimate end’.

It was amazing seeing the paintings re-imagined into fabrics and then designed into the exquisite clothes shown in the images below are from the catwalk.

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