Paul Anderson Morrow

 A Sense of Time and Place

Paul Morrow’s approach to painting is anchored in the moment and the immediacy of the gesture. The pieces explore both notions of time and place, capturing these as a biographical record through the medium of paint.  The formative stage of the pieces are developed as reference to a sense of place, no preparatory work is undertaken. The work calls on fragments of memory; shapes, colours and forms are generated through a series of gestures that can be considered automatic and visceral in nature. The marks are applied and then considered, an intervention is then made to keep or remove the marks. The painting doesn’t have a fixed destination, rather a direction whose trajectory is revealed through these interventions, charting time just as a diary does.     
The compositions unfold over a period of time through this process of excavation; in a manner that could be described as an intuitive, a dialectical conversation mediated by paint.  

Future Exhibitions 
2017 - Roy's  People Art Fair , Candid Art Trust, Islington, September 14th - 17th

2016 - 2 Soho Square London, MeWe 360
2016 - Deptford Does Art, solo exhibition,  March - April at the Duke pub in Deptford 
2011 –First view second glance, group exhibition
2008  Joint exhibition at Lauderdale House
2006 My Life in Art; group exhibition

2013 – Present Institute of Education; MA in Special and Inclusive Education
2011 – 2012 London Metropolitan University; Post Graduate Diploma in SEN
2009 – 2011 Institute of Education; MA Art and Design in Education
2005 – 2006 Goldsmiths College University of London; Post Graduate Certificate in Education
1999- 2002 University of the Arts London; BA (Hons) Jewellery Design 
2006 – Present, currently employed as the Lead Practitioner of the Creative Arts at Westminster Special Schools   

2016 Royal Academy of Arts; SEN and Creativity Conference
2015 Royal Academy of Arts; SEN and Creativity Conference
2015 London Grid for Learning; developing online content
2015 Royal Academy of Arts; SEN and Creativity Conference; Why and How 
2014 Full of Life; Inclusive Art Practice; Making the Unseen Seen Art Exhibition
2013 Royal Academy of Arts; SEN and student participation in evaluating workshops